Selecting Your New Impact-Resistant Windows

If you live in a hurricane zone, then it goes without saying that the new windows you choose for your home need to be impact-resistant windows. But once you start looking into your options, you might be amazed just how many different types and styles of impact-resistant windows there are. What features are the most important to consider? Take a look. Look for heavy-duty frames. The term "impact-resistant" usually just refers to the glass used in the windows. Read More 

4 Reasons To Hire A Pro For Christmas Light Installation

If you're wanting to dress up your home for the holidays, you may be thinking of investing in outdoor Christmas lights. This can be an excellent way to make your whole home more in the spirit and it can be a fun way to make your home more noticeable to drivers who pass by in the neighborhood. But, you might be wondering if it'll be hard to install Christmas lights. It's not hard to do if you hire a pro. Read More