Broken Window Screen? Learn How To Repair It

The screens on your windows let you enjoy the cool air from outside, all while keeping debris, bugs, and even animals out. Over time, screens will get annoying holes. It can be from one of your kids that is a little too rough with the material or a pet that loves to tear at the screen because of how it feels on their claws. Repairing a screen can be done using one of these 3 methods. Read More 

Tips For Maintaining Your Plantation Shutters

If you are a homeowner that has plantation shutters, you likely appreciate the increased aesthetic appeal that they bring to your home. You might not be as fond of how dusty they can get and how frustrating they can be to clean, especially if you have not dusted them in awhile. Luckily, if you are having a hard time maintaining your plantation shutters, you likely are using the wrong cleaning method. Read More 

Treat It Right: Window Treatments To Consider For Replacement Windows

Whether it's the result of a baseball accident, a storm, or just an attempt to bear more than it's able to bear, you now have a broken window on your hands. But before you attempt to figure out the exact specifications of your old window and order a clone of it, you may want to step back for a second and ask yourself whether that window could be replaced with one that serves your needs better. Read More 

3 Stylish Yet Practical Types Of Window Blinds

When you are picking out new window blinds for your home, it is important to look for two things. First, you want blinds that are functional and practical; they should totally suit your needs. Next, you should purchase blinds that suit your personal tastes for interior design. Fortunately, you do not have to choose between one or the other. There are several options for window blinds that are both stylish and practical. Read More 

Unique Things That You Can Do With Your Old Windows

If you are having your windows replaced in the near future, you might want to think about all of the things that you can do with the old ones instead of just throwing them out with the trash. To help you with this, you will want to review some of the following creative suggestions. Picture Frames You will want to make sure that you are giving your old windows a good cleaning, especially the glass since you will be adhering things to it. Read More