What To Do If Your Door Has Been Kicked In

Whether you were home or away when it happened, you were probably pretty upset to find that your door has been kicked in. If you're wondering what you can do to recover from the situation and keep your home secure in the future, these are the steps that you will probably need to take if your door has been kicked in.

File a Report With the Authorities

As soon as you realize that your door has been kicked in, contact the police. Do not enter your home until law enforcement has come to make sure that your home is safe to enter.

File a Report With Your Homeowners Insurance Company

Next, you should file a report with your homeowners insurance company. The cost of repairing your door and replacing any stolen items might be covered by your policy.

Have a Replacement Door Frame Installed

When your door was kicked in, there is a good chance that your door frame was damaged. Make sure that you replace it with a good-quality, secure replacement door frame to help keep your home secure.

Determine if Your Door Needs to be Replaced

In addition to replacing your door frame, you may also have to replace your door. If your door is repairable, then this might be an option. Otherwise, it may have to be completely replaced.

Swap Out Your Door Hardware

Even if your door was not actually damaged, your door hardware, such as the hinges, might have been damaged. Replacing your hinges with new, strong hinges will help you prevent your door from being kicked in again in the future.

Have New Locks Installed

If you have good, strong deadbolts in place, then you can make your home much more secure. This will help you prevent your door from being kicked in again, and it will make it much harder for someone to pop open or pick your lock. Plus, if you have had trouble with locking and unlocking your locks, having new locks in place will help make entering and locking your home a lot easier, too. A locksmith can help you with both choosing a secure lock and installing it correctly.

Consider Installing a Security System

Lastly, if you would like to further protect your family, consider installing a security system. Then, if your home is broken into, a loud alarm will sound, and the proper authorities will be contacted.

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