Four Advantages Of Glass Railings

When it comes to both interior and exterior home design, most homes require at least one railing for its staircase. The modern home often requires more than one railing, however. For example, an outdoor porch or deck needs a railing, and inside the home, railings are required when the second floor overlooks the foyer below. While wood is the frequent material of choice for many homeowners, a contemporary home is typically more suited to glass railings. Here is a look at four benefits of choosing glass railings instead of wood.

Glass Railings Are More Impressive

Unlike traditional homes, modern homes typically have sleek lines and are made of cement, steel, and other contemporary materials. The ceilings often soar two stories or more and rather than having small, boxy rooms, the space is wide open. Wood railings can look out of place in a modern home, as they often look too rustic or old-fashioned. Glass railings perfectly complement the sleek lines of the current trend in new home construction.

Glass Railing Won't Block The View

Plenty of outdoor living space is another popular trend in new home construction. Homes that have million-dollar views — such as those with beachfront property or mountain vistas — usually take advantage of those views with multi-tiered decks and patios off the main living space. When these are made of wood or other materials, your fabulous views will be partially blocked. With glass railings, your view won't be obscured, and instead, your view will seamlessly continue.

Glass Railings Are Potentially Safer

Railings made from wood or wrought iron typically have spaces rather than being solid. This can make them dangerous when small children are around, as it's too easy for them to get their arm or head stuck in the gaps. In some cases, they can even completely squeeze their tiny body through. Wooden railings will also rot over time, especially in the right climate. Additionally, in areas where termites are present, they can do damage before you even realize it's happening. Tempered glass railings in steel frames don't have any of these drawbacks to worry about, making them a more safe alternative. 

Glass Railings Are Less Maintenance

Wooden railings inside the home require regular polishing to keep them looking good. When wooden railings are used outside, they require even more protection from the elements. In addition to conditioning the wood, they will require staining or painting every couple of years as the sun will dry them out and fade the finish. Glass railings only require the occasional cleaning.


Take these items into consideration when deciding on what type of railing your home needs. Call a professional for help in deciding what glass railings are right for your property today.