Why Windows In Your Home Should Be Replaced Every Twenty Years

Windows do a decent job of protecting your home while providing you with lots of natural light. However, even the best-crafted windows are not designed to last forever. Homes over fifty years of age have windows that have rotted and gone to pot. Keeping this example in mind, you can see why the rule of thumb for replacing windows is usually once every twenty years or so. Here are some other reasons why you should replace your windows every couple of decades. 

Technology and Design Create Better Windows

Window design and technology advances every few decades. Replacement windows get better and better all the time. Twenty or thirty years ago, you could not buy a double-hung window that folded inward to clean the outside of the glass. Twenty or thirty years from now, there will be even further advancements in the design and technology of windows. Since windows should be updated with the times to keep the home in its best condition possible, you will want to replace your windows again at that future time. 

Glass Gets Weaker over Time

Glass is not a naturally strong material. The glass used in most windows today is far better and stronger than glass used in windows of a hundred years ago, but all glass remains susceptible to the elements. The hot sun, freezing precipitation, hail, snow, and ice all slowly weaken glass. Eventually, it will not take much to break the glass because it already has minute and microscopic weaknesses in it. You can avoid the mess of shattered glass in the far future by replacing your windows in a timely fashion.

Windows Are Becoming More and More Energy-Efficient

Windows are becoming more and more energy-efficient all the time. Imagine if you found out in twenty or thirty years that the modern windows of that time prevented all heat and air conditioning from ever escaping through the windows. You would want the updated windows to save money on your heating and cooling costs, right? If nothing else, you would want to replace the windows at that time to entice buyers to purchase your home if you do not plan on living in your home until the end of your days.

​Replace Your Old Outdated Windows Now

​If you have a lot of really old, single-pane, wood-framed windows at the moment, you should replace them now. The old windows are leaky, drafty, and probably are a pain to maintain. A window contractor can help.