Residential Window Film Questions Answered

When homeowners imagine undertaking an improvement project, they may picture renovations that require major construction. However, there are many simple upgrades that can be made. One of the most affordable will be window film installation on the home's windows.

Why Is It Beneficial To Add A Window Film?

There are many different ways that window films can benefit your home. One of the most important will be through protecting floor, walls, and furniture from being bleached by the sunlight. In addition to protecting the items, the films will also block out potentially harmful light, and they can allow those with light sensitivity issues to be more comfortable in their home.

Will A Window Film Alter Your Home's View?

While there are many types of window films that are intended to provide a tint, there are homeowners that will want to preserve the view from their home's windows. If you are concerned about compromising the view from your home, there are clear window films that can be used. These films are still able to block out the harmful light, but they will preserve your ability to see clearly out of your windows.

Is Caring For A Window With A Film More Difficult?

A window that has a film on it will require some slightly different care, but it should not be much more difficult than caring for a standard window. In particular, you will need to be careful when washing the window to avoid using bleach or ammonia cleaning agents as this can discolor the film and weaken the adhesive that holds it in place. A cloth that has been dampened with water should be sufficient for cleaning this film, but if it is unable to remove some spots, a small amount of dish soap can help to remove these substances.

Will It Be Necessary To Hire A Professional To Remove The Window Film?

In the future,  you might come to the decision that you no longer want the film on your windows. If this is the case, you may want to avoid attempting to remove the film yourself. The adhesive that holds it in place can be extremely difficult to remove. Professionals will have chemicals that can be used to dissolve this adhesive without harming the glass. This can be an effective alternative to attempting to pull or scrape the film off as this could lead to scuffing and scratching of the surface of the glass.