How Commercial Window Film Protects Your Building From The Sun And Vandals Too

Glare can be a big problem in commercial buildings. While you probably want to let in as much natural light as possible, when you leave the windows uncovered, you'll also have to deal with glare on computer screens. One solution for this problem is to have window tint applied that eliminates the glare. Window tint has other benefits in a commercial setting too. Here's why you may want to have it installed.

Window Tint Helps Control The Room Temperature

Another problem with letting the sun stream through the windows is that it's hotter next to the window than it is elsewhere in the room. This can be a problem for employees that work near the window and it might affect the HVAC if the thermostat is in an area where it's warmer or cooler than the rest of the room. Uneven heating can be a big problem in an open office because some of your staff will be warm and others too cool. Window tint solves the problem by reducing solar heating of the inside of your building. This keeps the temperature uniform in the room so there are no more uncomfortable pockets of air.

Window Tint Can Improve Security

Window tint is actually a film that's applied to the glass. You can buy different films with different properties. Some are made to enhance security of your building. If your commercial space is on the ground level, you might want security film on the windows to help prevent break-ins. The film holds the glass together when someone tries to knock it out. The film can also protect against vandalism, etching, and graffiti. Film provides this extra protection without changing the appearance of the glass. The glass will still be clear, but you can also choose dark tint if you prefer.

Window Tint Protects Your Inventory From Fading

If you store fabric inventory near the windows or have upholstered furniture, carpet, or drapes that are in the sun every day, they will eventually fade. Window film blocks UV rays so even though your fabrics are in full sun, they won't fade. With this protection, you can leave your windows uncovered and not worry about any problems associated with UV ray damage or solar heating.

Window tint, such as from solar shade window tint, can be applied to your building with little disruption to your routine. You can choose the degree of privacy shade you want as well as the type of film you need to protect your building from the sun or vandals. Window film is a good investment for your building and it allows you to take full advantage of natural light, which is important for you and your staff when you are stuck inside working all day.