Broken Window Screen? Learn How To Repair It

The screens on your windows let you enjoy the cool air from outside, all while keeping debris, bugs, and even animals out. Over time, screens will get annoying holes. It can be from one of your kids that is a little too rough with the material or a pet that loves to tear at the screen because of how it feels on their claws. Repairing a screen can be done using one of these 3 methods.

Screen Tape

The fastest way to repair a broken screen is by using screen tape. It is applied like normal tape, but it has holes in the material that let the air easily flow through instead of blocking it. While this solution is fast, don't consider it a permanent solution. Water can cause your screen tape to eventually peel away.

When applying screen tape, put it on both sides to create a solid bond. It will improve the chance of the tape staying in place instead of falling off.


Do you have a piece of an old screen laying around? You can use it to create a patch for your current damaged screen that's on your window.

You'll need to cut a small section of the old screen that's slightly bigger than the hole in your current screen. Then use thread and a needle to sew the patch onto your damaged screen. While it may not look the best, it can be very effective at patching a screen in a way that will hold up to water from the rain.

There are also patches that apply to a screen using heat. You will place your patch on the screen, then use a hair dryer to get the patch to stick to the screen.


If the damage is too big, you can replace the entire screen so that it is a brand new solid piece. A home improvement store will sell a kit that has everything you need; just make sure that the screen is bigger than the window it is going into. The kit includes the screen material, the spline that goes into the groove around the window frame, and a special tool to push the spline into the groove. Follow the directions, and you'll have a brand new screen in no time.

When there is significant damage to the frame of the screen itself, it may not be something that you can repair on your own. Contact a window contractor from a company like Gallagher Bros. Inc. about getting the necessary parts to replace the entire frame that the screen sits in.