Treat It Right: Window Treatments To Consider For Replacement Windows

Whether it's the result of a baseball accident, a storm, or just an attempt to bear more than it's able to bear, you now have a broken window on your hands. But before you attempt to figure out the exact specifications of your old window and order a clone of it, you may want to step back for a second and ask yourself whether that window could be replaced with one that serves your needs better. So if you're wondering what new features you could get with your replacement window, then here's what you need to know.

Tempered Glass

A must-have if you have junior sports stars hanging around your house – or if you live in an area prone to frequent and violent storms – tempered (also called reinforced) glass is pretty much what it sounds like: glass reinforced against damage. This is done by repeatedly heating and cooling the glass during the window's formation, which makes it approximately 4 times stronger than normal window glass. Tempered glass also has the very important attribute of shattering into large pieces rather than nigh-invisible flakes of glass, which are much more dangerous for your feet if not cleaned up. There's no visible indicator that the glass is reinforced, either – just a clear view to the outside world.

Privacy Windows

They're not just for the windows on celebrities' limousines anymore; tinted windows (or windows otherwise created for privacy, such as frosted windows, etched windows, or even just windows with a privacy film put on them) are a great way to still let light into your home without giving everyone who passes by a perfect view of what's going on inside. Whether you have nosy neighbors or simply live on a busy thoroughfare, you may want to consider replacing your old window with one made for enhanced privacy.

Colored Film

If you're less interested in preserving your view and more interested in adding some visual allure to your home, then you may want to replace your window with one that has a colored and/or patterned film attached to it. These films can include most any design you can think of, from a forest (useful for those whose view isn't quite as rural or natural as they would like) to art deco to even stained glass. This makes your windows slightly less functional, but it does let your windows become an integral part of the design of your home.

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