Exposing Common Myths About Replacing Your Home’s Windows

The condition of your home's windows is an important factor in determining the comfort and appearance of your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners can make some mistakes when it comes to their windows. In particular, there are some common misconceptions regarding residential windows you may want to have dispelled to ensure that you are a responsible and informed homeowner.

Myth: Windows Only Need To Be Replaced When The Glass Breaks

There are many homeowners who assume they will only need to replace a window when the glass breaks or it suffers some other form of damage. However, it should be noted that a broken window pane does not require replacing the entire window frame because new glass can be installed.

Replacing the window frame is a major home renovation project which can provide your home with a number of benefits. From improved comfort to lower heating and cooling bills, secure high-quality windows can help you get the most from your home. As a result, it is important for you to understand the warning signs that you will need to have this work done. For example, rot forming around the frame, excessive drafts, foul odors and visible gaps are some of the more common indications that your windows need replacing. If you notice these signs, you should contact an experienced window contractor to determine whether or not the window frame should be repaired or replaced.

Myth: Energy Efficient Windows Are Not Worth The Higher Cost

When replacing your windows, it can be easy for homeowners to overlook energy efficient windows. These windows can often have a higher initial cost than traditional windows, and this may cause some people to avoid this option. However, it should be noted that these windows can provide your home with substantial savings which may offset this cost difference. In addition to these savings, there are often rebate programs and tax incentives designed to help homeowners utilize this option, which can help to make these windows a friendlier option for your project's budget.

Replacing your home's windows can be an important part of improving its appearance and comfort. However, there are some homeowners who may not be experienced or informed about this type of project. If you have an understanding of the realities behind the myths that windows only need replacing when the glass breaks and that energy efficient windows are not worth the cost, you will be a better-informed homeowner when it comes time to oversee this type of renovation project. Contact a business, such as Solar Shield Windows, for more information.