Tips For Identifying And Addressing Damaged Double-Pane Window Seals

Most homeowners opt for double-paned windows to install in their homes because the windows offer added insulation compared to a single-pane style. The extra layer of gas that's trapped between the window panes provides that insulation. Over time, you may find that the seal protecting that pocket of gas deteriorates. If it does, you're going to lose some of that insulating benefit. Here are some things you should know about monitoring your double-pane windows and dealing with seal problems.

Spotting a Failing Seal

There are a few key indications that the seal is failing on your double-paned windows. Look at the window closely for any signs of moisture accumulation between the panes. You may also start seeing fog or haze between the panes that obstructs your view through the glass.

If you're seeing any of these things, start by wiping the glass on the inside and the outside to ensure that it's not just an environmental issue. If the condition persists, that means that the problem is between the glass panes.

Dealing With Failed Seals

  • Leaving It Alone - You don't necessarily have to address the problem right away. If it isn't affecting your climate control costs or comfort, you may be able to put it off for a while. This is an important consideration if your budget doesn't allow for window replacement right now.
  • Hiring a Glazier - Glaziers can repair a double-paned window in some cases. You can consult a local glazier who will inspect the window and determine if you can just replace the glass panes instead of having to replace the entire window.
  • Replacing the Whole Window - If the frame around the window panes has suffered damage, you may be better off to replace the entire window. To do this, you'll need to work with a glass installation specialist, like Fischer Window and Door Store, who can help you remove the frame and all. Then, you can have a whole new window installed, restoring the stability of the window and the surrounding frame.

The windows in your home are important to the consistency of the interior temperature as well as the security of the house. If you have windows that are showing the signs of failed seals, you'll need to decide how to deal with them. Whether you opt to put it off until your budget allows for the repairs or you choose to have it addressed right away, the information here will help you to understand what's to come.