2 Reasons Wood Is Great For Residential Window Replacement

The great thing about new windows is that they increase the value of your home. It is perfect for all types of homes, especially old properties that have leaky windows. If your windows are no longer sealed, it might be time to invest in new windows. Of course, not all window materials are equal. Most modern homes use synthetic materials that are low maintenance, but rather plain looking. Most homeowners, especially of older homes, prefer more traditional materials like wood. This article explains 2 great reasons why it is still a great time to invest in wood for your residential replacement windows.

Wood is Weather Resistant

Wood is a great product because it can withstand the elements. Wooden window materials like teak and pine are very waterproof and termite resistant. However, any wood species will need a basic coat of paint or clear stain to make the window fully waterproof. This sealing process is not too difficult, but it does have to be repeated every few years. Some window materials, like vinyl, never need to be painted. This is why some homeowners prefer vinyl (or similar materials) over wood. But, the necessary maintenance for wooden windows is minor, so you should not be dissuaded by it. Wood might require some maintenance, but it is much more stylish than synthetic materials. In fact, you will notice that some synthetic materials have a fake wooden texture. Manufacturers want their windows to look as stylish as wood -- but nothing looks better than the real thing!

Wood is Customizable

In reality, one of the best features of wood is that it does need to be painted every once in a while. Every time you repaint or restain your wood windows you have the opportunity to completely re-define them. A new paint color on the outside of your windows it's a great way to change the overall dynamic of your exterior walls, even if you are not repainting them completely. Similarly, you can repaint the interior side of your wooden window frames to change with the altering style and colors of your interior. This is very valuable if you are a person who is constantly updating and changing the style of your interior.

Wood might require a little bit of care but it is still an ideal material for residential windows. As you as you keep up with the basic maintenance, your window fixtures will remain energy efficient and stylish over the years.