Getting It Right When It Comes To Painting Wood Siding

A good coat of paint usually goes a long way when it comes to boosting the look and feel that wood siding creates on your home. However, this is not all that painting is meant to achieve. Even more important is the protection role that the paint serves. It usually helps to protect your siding from moisture and ultra violet light rays - environmental elements that usually accelerate the rate at which wood siding deteriorates.

Making sure that you get it right when it comes to wood siding painting is therefore important not only because it helps to ensure that your home looks great, but also because it plays a critical role in the longevity of your siding. The following are wood siding painting tips that will come in handy in helping to ensure that you not only get the look that you desire but also that you enjoy the low-maintenance benefit of wood siding.

Scraping away old paint and dirt

Painting on a dirty surface is a sure way of ensuring that your paintwork won't last. So is painting over old paint.

You have to therefore clean the surface of your wood siding before any painting can begin. A scraper is good at getting rid of patches of old paint. Using it in addition to a wire brush will give you the best results so far as creating a paint-worthy siding surface goes.

Making sure that you use a primer

After cleaning the surface of the siding, it is important that you apply a layer of a good quality primer. This is important, as a primer usually provides a better surface on which paint can stick. This usually increases the lifespan of the paintwork. Add this to the fact that some primers have UV light resistant capabilities, and you will see why a primer is a must when it comes to painting wood siding.

Using the multi-coat painting technique

After the primer dries and it is time to paint, you will have different painting techniques to choose from. Painting your siding using several coats of paint is the best technique. It certainly works better than the one heavy coat strategy.

Using multiple thin coats not only guarantees a better finish on your wood siding but it also guarantees a longer lasting paintwork. And given the fact that your paintwork forms a critical part of your siding's defense system against external weather elements, this usually translates to a longer lifespan for your wood siding.

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