Questions You May Have About Installing Replacement Windows

Maintaining the exterior appearance of your home is a task that requires regular work to repair the inevitable wear and tear your house will undergo. In particular, the windows are particularly vulnerable to this weathering, and this means that you will eventually need to have your home's windows replaced with new ones.

Unfortunately, replacing your current windows with new ones is a task that most new homeowners have very little experience with making this upgrade to their new houses:

Will Impact Resistant Windows Reduce Crime?

There is a common misconception that impact-resistant windows will not break when they are subjected to intense forces. Unfortunately, this type of glass can still break when it is hit with a blunt force. However, this does not mean that it is useless in reducing your home's vulnerability to crime. 

When impact resistant glass is broken, it is far less likely to shatter. This results in much of the glass remaining in the window frame. While this will not completely stop a criminal, it will dramatically lengthen the amount of time that it will take the criminal to enter the home because they will have to remove all of the remaining glass from the frame.

This will give police a better chance to respond to your home's security system before the criminal is able to do harm.  

Does The Presence Of Cladding On The Existing Windows Affect The Installation Process?

Window cladding is a common addition that many contractors use to help improve the resiliency of the window. However, it will have to be removed before the replacement window can be installed. Due to this extra step, you will likely need to pay a little extra, and the installation process will also take longer. 

As a result of the problems that this cladding can cause during this installation, you may be tempted to forgo adding this to your new windows. Yet, you should always consider that this installation will not need to be done very often, and the protection of the cladding can significantly extend the life of your windows. Therefore, you will likely be better served by keeping this part of your windows. 

Upgrading your old windows with new replacement ones is a routine way of improving the appearance and value of your home. Yet, committing to this improvement project can be stressful because you may have limited knowledge about these upgrades. By knowing the benefits of impact-resistant glass and how cladding will impact the installation of the new windows, you should find yourself better able to make good decisions throughout this process.

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