Seamless Siding Options Goes Beyond Siding: Options That Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Seamless siding is exactly as it sounds—siding without seams. Traditional siding has seams, or areas where one siding panel meets another. It also has gaps that allow air from inside to escape and air from outside to enter the house. On a particularly windy day, you can feel the drafts from traditional siding and you may even see some of your siding panels "exhaling" or moving slightly in the wind. To make your home more energy efficient, consider the following options in seamless siding.

Vinyl Seamless Siding

Cut to fit in large to very large sheets, vinyl seamless siding looks exactly like the siding most homes already have. The difference here is that you cannot pick up a section of siding and expose the insulation behind it. It is one uniform panel that seals out bugs, cold air, humidity and precipitation.

Metal Seamless Siding

If you prefer metal siding for its durability and strength, as well as its longevity, then there is also a seamless siding product for you. Along with the benefits of traditional metal siding, you get the benefits of seamless siding:

  • Uniform appearance: no patchiness or short cuts in workmanship
  • Much thicker siding: more like house "armor" than siding
  • Flexibility: seamless siding, regardless of material type, is attached with floating clips to allow heat expansion in summer and cold shrinkage in winter

Additionally, you can customize metal seamless siding to look like wood, logs, bricks, and even traditional vinyl siding.

Polymer Seamless Siding

Only a limited number of seamless siding contractors offer polymer siding. Polymer siding is more impact resistant than metal or vinyl. Hail does not damage it in the least. It was designed to resist East Coast storms and the barrage of debris that flies through the air during those storms. If you want the toughest siding you can get to protect your home, then polymer seamless is your choice.

Seamless Windows

In addition to seamless siding, you can now request seamless windows. A seamless siding contractor will install windows that do not allow drafts in or out, and will not collect dozens of little bug corpses trapped between your glass and screens. Where the frames of most windows meet at forty-five degree corners, seamless window frames have no seams at all. They do not rust or crack either.

Installing Both Siding and Windows

Most seamless siding contractors will recommend that you replace both your windows and siding at the same time. Energy efficiency increases significantly when your windows and siding are both seamless, as opposed to seamless windows or siding alone. If you cannot replace both at the same time because of your budget, talk to your contractor, one like Innovations Siding & Windows, about financing options.